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Get School ERP system and connect parents with school

‘School PnT ‘comes up with some exceptional features that allow parents to get a detailed view of their child’s growth in school.

School ERP System

Ever had to face parents who were always anxious about their child’s progress in school? Ever wished that you could just use one click and fulfill all the concerns of an apprehensive parent or staff? Well, your worries can now finally relax with this brilliantly launched application. Techasoft Private Limited has come up with a wonderful strategy which will help parents to keep a track of their children in school and manage their progress. Techasoft’s new app ‘School PnT ‘comes up with some exceptional features that allow parents to get a detailed view of their child’s growth in school.

Features of Web

Our mission is to make India ace through digitalization by catering the most potential group with our advanced technology.

Our systems are designed in such a way that they, not only help you in budding into a better phase, but also keep the parent-child relationship always blooming.


Hosted with multiple layers of physical and technical security

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Are you not available in school and need reports?

Dont worry use system from anywhere.


We will provide support end to end.

Well designed module

We have designed each and every module with respect to our users.

Its a user friendly platform, Easy to use.


Have thousands of students? No problem, we have a platform for your requirements.

User Friendly

We have designed carefully that control systems hides all the complexity from end users.

Time saving

Wasting time on paper work?

Reduce your valuable time by using this system.

School Bus Tracking

This helps you tackle all the necessary information regarding the mode of transport which you are using.

view child’s growth in App.

Now there is not even a single person who runs a normal life without a cell phones. So it would be great if a mobile app comes to be a great use for all the students out there. If students are logged into this app this would help them be responsible enough as they would handle all the task and account details. This would turn out students to be sincere and honest to their work as well as their parents and teachers. As you all know that this app contains all the details, so the students cannot try to run away from anything.

All details related to students


This app provides you with features like the event list, the fee structure, the student’s profile, their attendance, their exam date sheet and various other details. Now there are approx. 3000 students in every institution. So to tackle details of so many students it becomes a Hercules task. Thereby to reduce the pressure of the office staffs this app helps you maintain separate profile for each and every student.

Get notification on App


So sometimes there may be a probability that students might tend to forget some of the minutest details related to school. So this app is very useful as it help you get all the notification regarding your fees, your event list, your attendance and the best part the details of your modes of transportation as well. So now you can never miss on anything important via this app.

Connecting Parents with School


The ERP system as you all know is an eco-friendly system. A mobile app which is useful both for the students as well as for the parents. So as you know that this app is provides features such as event list, attendance, fees and all the various other details which a student needs. So now via this app even parents can have a record of their children’s activity. This is how there is a bridge created between the parents and the school.

School Erp system

It has shortened our work, specially daily work like taking attendence, Bus tracking, Notices etc.

Asif Khan,  School Teacher

Free Demo

You can take demo of school Pnt sytem by going to Try Demo menu.


Request us to get quote for the ERP system, We will provide you School ERP.

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